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Buy Keyboard Shortcuts and Automatic Hot Key and Macro Recorder 9.0


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Buy Keyboard Shortcuts and Automatic Hot Key and Macro Recorder
Easily automate all of your routine tasks! Do you get tired of having to manually type everything in, especially if it is information you type in on a regular basis, such as your name, company name, or something else along those lines? This software allows you to easily remap short words or phrases to long words or sentences that you don t want to have to type in over and over again. Wouldn t it be nice if there was a much faster way of doing it? Well, there is. With this software: Extremely Easy To Use: You can start using it immediately. Simply enter a shortcut , and what phrase you want typed when you enter that short cut. So for example, you could make the program automatically type quot;Mary Johnson quot; as soon as you typed quot;M.J. quot;. Flexible: Easily edit the macros (which simply means short sentence to long sentence) with the click of a button. Automation Software: Automate tasks easily, by inserting custom commands. So if you are a business user/programmer/etc, you could re-map something like quot;lww quot; to quot;launch website quot;. Accessible: The software is easily accessible! It sits in your system tray (lower right hand corner in Windows), so whenever you need to edit or change anything, you just click on a button and it pops up, making it really easily to change! Plus, it works quickly! Try this software now, and see for yourself just how cool it is and how well it works! And start using a keyboard hotkey/auto macro recorder now!!
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Buy Keyboard Shortcuts and Automatic Hot Key and Macro Recorder
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Author: Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts and Automa
License: Shareware
Price: $49.95
File Size: 2.0 MB
Downloads: 43

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